B’Elanna Lightsaber – Klingon Kyber Weapon

Hello Everybody, I am back to speaking English today but we still have a Klingon theme running through this post. I have the Special Edition version of my Grethor Lightsaber posted yesterday and it was actually the first version I built. The reason was I had just scrolled through the channels of my satellite entertainment system and happened upon an episode of Star Trek Voyager. In that series about a Federation Starship that is attacked by an alien superpower and left stranded in another quadrant of the galaxy is a character who struggled with her heritage as part Human and part Klingon. That character is of course B’Elanna Torres, who was born in 2346 on the Federation colony Kessik IV. She enrolled at Starfleet academy but dropped out and by a stroke of fate both the Federation ship Voyager and Torres’ vessel were attacked and stranded by “The Caretaker”. Both ships and crews suffered losses and the two sets of survivors continued in Voyager. During many episodes B’Elanna struggled with her Klingon heritage but finally came to an acceptance. I hope she would accept this saber as a tribute, this is B’Elanna…

I am going to be a little indulgent here and say I think this design is really quite pretty. I am really pleased how it turned out, but it had a very strong influence I based it on. The saber has the Klingon/Sith red blade surrounded by the Triple Claw emitter with a beautiful powder coat red. The saber being silver and black helps set off the powder coat but also completes the colours found in the Klingon emblem and logos. The switch is also powder coated to help draw the eye down to the main inspiration that triggered my design, The body has a set of parallel grooves that most other people who use this piece line up 90 degress from where I set them. I noticed that if I lined up the grooves as shown they looked just like the Cranial Ridges that feature on B’Elanna’s forehead. And as a final nod to her heritage the pommel has two segments or ridges which I powder coated and these reflect that B’Elanna is one part Human and one part Klingon!

B’Elanna Torres with her Cranial Ridges

So that was B’Elanna, and I hope she would be proud to carry it. One of the most memorable episodes featured B’Elanna journeying to the Klingon underworld named….Grethor! Here she had to confront her past and future along with the presence of her dead mother. It gave B’Elanna a great depth to the character we know and was a fantastic performance from Roxann Dawson, the talented actress who portrays her.

It is that time again where I have to bring proceedings to a close but I’d like to say thank you so much for your visit today and support of FTSabersite. I hope to have a few more visitors soon as I have created a little video I plan on showing on YouTube soon to attract people’s attention! So I will have to end here and put the finishing touches to that video and work on new hilts…always busy! Till next time.

Star Trek Voyager, B’Elanna Torres and all names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Paramount Network Television. Star Trek was created by Gene Roddenberry, produced by Desilu Productions and Paramount Television.

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