Cutlass Lightsaber – Lightside Ceremonial Saber

Hello Everybody, today I bring to you the Lightside version of the First Order Ceremonial Saber I presented yesterday. I mentioned that the First Order and before that the Galactic Empire forces (or Imperials) were fond of showing their might with large Star Destroyers, hundreds of TIE-Fighters and ever larger “fully operational battle stations”. They also liked to have expensive trinkets such as nice weapons to go with their dress uniforms, for example Emperor Palpatine had two matching sabers made from very exotic rare metals. These ceremonial traits also affected the Republic forces during the golden age of peace when everyone thought the Sith were extinct and no threat, the military got lazy and pomp took over. Well this is a saber that could be worn by a high ranking Republic Naval officer. This design I call, Cutlass…

This is the same saber as First Order Ceremonial, but the colours have been switched to reflect the fact it is owned by a Lightside follower. Just by changing the colour of the blade and hilt finish makes it look more elegant and less aggressive. Such is the power of colour! The FTE pommel again is just intended to be decorative this time as I didn’t envisage this as a battle weapon. However it would be battle ready after a little tweaking from yours truly. But this is really just to hang from the belt of a Republic official, maybe at the launch ceremony of a new Resolute Class Destroyer, or the opening of another Jedi Embassy somewhere in the Galaxy!

Klingon Coming SoonPlate
Yes Grethor should be here in my next post!

This post is nearing it’s end and I’ll have to start the closing ceremonies, but I will just stick with my saber the Bal’Demnian Blade! I will as always thank all of you for visiting today to check this design out. I appreciate the support and hope you will call back to see Grethor, a design inspired by the “Other” Sci-fi franchise, Star Trek! So I will finish here and just add the final touches to the gallery…..Till next time.

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