First Order Ceremonial Saber – A Hilt for Hux

Hello Everybody, I have been slightly distracted the past day or so due to a family emergency. Thankfully I have been informed my relative has received great care and treatment in hospital and is now part Bionic! This I feel is cause for celebration and ceremonies always have people dressed up in their best attire and in military circles they have Dress Uniforms. In the Navies of the Galaxy these dress uniforms are usually accompanied by a ceremonial saber, well after hearing General Hux shouting at the firing ceremony of Starkiller Base in The Force Awakens I decided to design a hilt for him (maybe it might pacify him a bit…all that pent up anger etc can’t be good for him 😀 ) So here is my (slightly delayed) design for Hux, this is First Order Ceremonial…

As I mentioned this hilt is slightly delayed, the reason is I posted another design and mentioned I ought to create a saber for Hux in the write up. However I got distracted by some event or new theme and I forgot to post this. Ooops! Ok back to this “new” design, starting at the emitter. The Sith red blade is surrounded by the claws of the emitter as an aggressive look to project the message of power. The rest of the saber is designed to have a pompous, showy look to reflect the beliefs/ego of the First Order. They believe they are the leading power of the Galaxy. The FTE pommel adds extra decadence and is just there as decoration…this saber isn’t meant for combat, just show. The Jedi and other “Good Guy” factions around the Galaxy are just as bad, we like to show off how caring and correct we are, therefore I have a Lightside version also which I will present shortly!

Klingon Coming SoonPlate

Oh no! Now what? It’s ok, I know what’s happening. My security measures detected some chatter on the communications channels from the “Delta Quadrant” and I think FTSabersite may be getting a visit from some designs based on the other Sci-Fi franchise…Star Trek! If you are fluent in Klingon you may be able to translate the image above^^ and have a small idea of what’s coming!

The time is close where I have to end, but I hope you enjoyed this design (sorry it was kind of late). As I have mentioned I have a few special new designs coming soon so I hope you can join me to see those. Thank you so much for visiting today and supporting me and the site. I am off to watch Rogue One now to spark my imagination and hopefully create more new sabers….Till next time.

The First Order, General Hux, The Force Awakens and all other names, logos, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd.

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