Abrams Lightsaber – Based on a Battletank

Hello Everybody, I am afraid circumstances beyond my control (even un-official Jedi Masters have a limit to what they can do) I am having to post an old design today and my posts may be fewer than normal in coming weeks (?). A relative of mine has had an accident and is in need of serious care. It feels like a battlezone here with all sorts of  problems flying at me, but talking of battle fields I can at least post this design before my situation worsens. It is based on an earth bound battle machine, the Abrams M1 Battle Tank. This is Abrams…,

This design was originally created for a friend of mine called SamRoss04, another member of the forum I belong to. It was based on various parts of the tank itself. The emitter represented the flash suppressor found on the end of the main cannon barrel. It’s purpose is to stop the escaping gases from burning up and causing a bright flash, possibly giving away the tank’s position to the enemy. It wouldn’t stop the brightness of a Lightsaber blade however! The body has rings of blocks which remind me of cogs, specifically the Drive Sprockets that drive the tank tracks. The pommel looked to me to be like the armour plating that is layered around the hull of the vehicle. As this post is not up to my usual standard I’ll include a second gallery highlighting the “Tactical” version of this hilt…

The initials “BHC” refer to a group of forum members who had a liking for black coated hilts, so was born the “Black Hilt Crew”! However this design was initially designed in recognition of the brave men and women of the armed forces around the world (and Galaxy) who serve to protect us each and every day.

I hope you’ll forgive this below par edition (I like to keep my standards up). Please call in again when I will hopefully have a couple of new Rogue One hilts (my DVD and Blu-Ray arrived today at least) and some Star Trek inspired designs, for the Trekkies out there. Thanks for your support….Till next time.

The Abrams Battle Tank was designed and built by Chrysler Defense (now General Dynamics Land Systems). To my knowledge all Trademarks/©Copyrights belong to General Dynamics Land Systems and the United States Defence Dept.


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