Welcome KelbornX and the Pit Viper

Hello Everybody, I have the great pleasure of introducing you to another Guest Designer. His name is KelbornX and I met this gentleman recently on the forum we frequent and have started chatting. During these chats I discovered that he enjoyed using the Saberforge ASP saber builder just like me. He posted a half dozen or so designs, most of them were single bladed regular hilts but one particular weapon stood out. It had the same concept as a design I have been holding in reserve (in case I ever get Designer’s Block  😀 ) but he took the concept a little further than I did. So today I am honoured to be able to present to you that design, this is KelbornX Kreations…Pit Viper…

This intimidating staff has a double dose of venom in it. At either end is an acid lime green, poisonous looking blade projecting from the suitably named “Viper” clawed emitters. Nice way to keep to a theme! Then there are two switch sections that seamlessly blend between the emitters and hand grips. The switches are decorated with nice black oblong recesses and longitudinal grooves. The hand grips further reinforce the idea of snakes by having a set of grooves which give the impression of overlapping scales. The two halves of the staff are connected with a vented coupler to keep the technology inside cooled (the vents are actually just to let the sounds out in real life!) The last two pictures in the gallery show some variations KelbornX has envisaged and plans to do when funds permit. The single hilt shows how the staff would look when separated and the black version shows the first stage of the final colour scheme KelbornX wants his staff to have. Overall black, but where all the black oblongs and grooves are on the original pictures, KelbornX plans to add a coating of elegance….24k Gold Leaf. I’d like to see that if ever he finishes it!

Scales Staff
This was my Scales Staff I had in reserve!

As you can see KelbornX has a talent for designing (and he kinda thinks like me too) Sadly I am approaching that time where I have to bring the post to an end, even new Guest Designers get cut off like me. But first I would like to give a big thank you to KelbornX for sharing this design with us, I hope there will be more in future. I hope you my viewers and followers enjoyed this post and will return to see more new sabers from myself and my friends. Thanks for the support….Till next time.

“KelbornX Kreations” and “Pit Viper Staff” is ©Copyright of KelbornX and used here with permission. Guest Designs, this website, name and it’s contents are also ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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