Gamora – Inspired by GOTG’s Gamora

Hello Everybody, I have the privilege of bringing to you a design for the “Deadliest woman in the whole Galaxy”. This woman is the last of her species (the Zen-Whoberis) and has been through tremendous ordeals in her life. In the movie version, Gamora’s  family were wiped out by a man named Thanos, but was then “adopted” by Thanos. Thanos had plans for Gamora and trained her to be an assassin, proficient in many Martial Arts from around the Galaxy. Gamora particularly liked using daggers and swords. Soon Gamora rebelled against her adopted father when she learned of Thanos’ plan concocted with Ronan the Accuser, to wipe out a planet named Xandar in return for a mystic orb (which contained one of the most powerful relics in the Galaxy, an Infinity Stone). Gamora stole that orb and tried to sell it, planning on using the proceeds to get as far away as possible from Thanos. This is where she came into contact with her future shipmates and things got…interesting! And I’m sure you’re all interested to see my saber for her so may I present ….Gamora….

I attempted to create the weapon of an elegant assassin. Gamora has a graceful athletic style of fighting due to the genetic and cybernetic enhancements Thanos gave her during her training. She now has super human strength, reflexes, healing abilities and has been known to defeat a platoon of trained military men in one fight! So this saber I hope is both elegant and aggressive. The green blade is framed by the six claws of the emitter with a purple cap to represent her flowing hair. The overall black scheme mimics her outfit but is also a tactical colour (not bright and flashy but stealthy). The purple grip vanes again are just to match her colour scheme without being too outstanding, yet provide a solid combat grip. The pommel tapers away to provide some sleek elegant lines.gamora 1

I mentioned that Gamora stole the Orb containing an Infinity Stone and as a result she and Star Lord, Groot and Rocket were arrested and imprisoned by Nova Corps. She decided to join forces with these misfits and another large individual (we’ll meet him tomorrow!) and broke out of jail. This group then attempted to defeat Ronan the Accuser and reclaim the Infinity Stone, but you’ll have to watch the movie to see who won.

I am approaching the end of today’s post, but once again I’d like to say thank you for visiting today and checking out Gamora’s new saber. I will hopefully have the last of the Guardians hilts tomorrow so I’d like to invite you back and see that one. Till next time.

Gamora was created by Jim Starlin and appeared in Marvel Comics. Gamora, Star Lord, Groot and Rocket along with all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.

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