Rocket Lightsaber – Inspired by GOTG’s Rocket Raccoon

Hello Everybody, we now have a furry friend visiting the site in the form of a rebellious raccoon! No, General Leia hasn’t started recruiting woodland animals, I am referring to the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Rocket Raccoon. He hails from the planet Halfworld and was originally created to be a genetically engineered care assistant for elderly and ailing folks of Halfworld. He was given implants and upgrades so he had human like intelligence and walked upright. Rocket was also considered the law officer of Halfworld. In later appearances in comics, games, TV and films, Rocket developed and became a Military Strategist and weapons expert eventually joining up with Star Lord, Groot and the gang . Well I wonder if he has ever come across a Lightsaber before, if not I have one here just for him, this is Rocket Lightsaber…

This is Rocket’s new saber, and I kinda like it. First up is a pure white blade to match his fur, followed by a two tone black and silver emitter. The switch is a no nonsense gets the job done type, a bit like Rocket himself. He designed the gadget that helped the Guardians oppose Ronan the Accuser in the original movie. Rocket is also an accomplished pilot (like yours truly 😀 ) so I gave his saber a nice bright Orange “flight jacket”, much like his utility vest he wears. The Pommel reminds me of a Raccoon’s paws and claws with the ring of blocks looking like little toes and fingers. I think this would be a really good saber and it would come in handy. Rocket sometimes bends the law in the film version of Guardians and is reported to have escaped from 22 prisons so maybe this saber will help him remain a law-abiding Raccoon! I feel he is just conflicted and needs some guidance…

See! He’s conflicted, but I’m glad he appears to like my designs and is endorsing them…though he needs to leave the Jedi Mind Tricks to the professionals.

I am afraid time is running out for this post but I’d like to let you know I have a few more Guardians hilts to present to you and I may have a NEW GUEST DESIGNER making a contribution to the site soon! Before I go I want to thank all of you for your contributions to FTSabersite, all of your comments, likes or even if you just visit, is much appreciated. Till next time.

Rocket Raccoon, Ronan the Accuser and all other Guardians of the Galaxy related names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.

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