Treecutter Saber – Inspired by GOTG’s Groot

Hello Everybody, yesterday we had a visit from Star Lord and today we have his floral friend….He is Groot! Groot is a living tree creature (scientific name Flora Colossi – yes I studied botany) from the Planet X. Groot is from a Noble Sap-Line but he became disillusioned with the way his race treated the small mammals that worked to sustain the planet’s environment. Whilst coming to the aid of one these mammals (similar to a squirrel) that was being attacked Groot got into a fight with the attacker. The attacker died and Groot was exiled where decades later he met a genetically modified raccoon and his adventure brought him to our screens. Ok now to present my design, here is Treecutter Saber…

This saber has a translucent brown powder coat and it worked slightly better than I thought it would. Maybe the green blade to represent Groot’s leaves and foliage helps. When I saw the shape of Groot’s head I knew exactly which emitter I wanted to use. It has a fluted and notched rim that, from certain angles looks like the top of his head and it even has “eyes”! The body has a bronze Stingray skin patterned grip to give the impression of bark. The pommel reminds me of the base of a tree, the way you can see the roots split and enter the earth.

Sorry folks, that Spartacus quote joke just sprang to mind! This design, like a lot of my other designs has a version for Saplings, the younger tree creatures out there and here it is and the inspiration for it…

I thought I might call this youngling version HedgeTrimmer….maybe not!

I am slowly a drawing to the end of this post, but I still have time to let you know I have a few more of these Guardians inspired hilts including one for that genetically modified Raccoon I mentioned earlier and one for the big guy watching Baby Groot in the picture above! I hope you have enjoyed this saber and will return to see what is coming next. Thank you for your support as always….Till next time.

Groot, Baby Groot, Guardians of the Galaxy and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Walt Disney Studios and Marvel Comics/Entertainment.


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