Spiderling Lightsaber – A saber for little web-slingers

Hello Everybody, I have a little addition to my line up of sabers today, in readiness for a BIG new design in a post or two’s time! I’d like to show you what I imagined the “Son of Spidey”  would have as his lightsaber! Regular viewers of the site will remember Arachnid Lightsaber (Spidey’s Saber) and this is the design I have come up with in case Spidey were ever to have any kids (or was cloned…you never know it could happen!). So this is for the little web-slingers , this is Spiderling…

This saber shares the same spider DNA so resembles the Arachnid saber. However this version has been cut down in length slightly by removing one of the body sections and the coupler from the centre of the saber. This makes the hilt more manageable for little hands (even if those hands have spider suction ability). It also has a safety feature, or rather a feature I just added when I realised what I had done. I created this hilt to resemble Spidey’s hilt and included the claws on the emitter, but I thought about it and decided I should inform you that the claws can be removed for safe “play time duelling”. Don’t worry even here on Earth, clubs that offer Lightsaber  classes and tournaments ask that claws are removed!

I may have to revisit my Arachnid hilt and give both of these a matching Powder Coat, but that will take a little while to put together. I do have a nice new design (of which I am quite pleased with) that has a striking look and was designed in anticipation of a new film due out shortly. The film stars a talking woodland creature, a walking tree, a formidable female fighter with green skin (I kinda like her…..I like green 😀 ) and a human, rocket booted scoundrel! But this new saber is for the BIG GUY I haven’t mentioned…though if you want to know who he is you’ll have to check out my upcoming posts!

For now I’d like to thank you for checking Spiderling Saber out, and for all of your great support. I am close to 3000 views now and this was post number 250! So please call back for number 251. Till next time.

Spider-man, Spidey and any other names, logos or related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Comics/Entertainment. Spider-man was created by the legendary Stan Lee.



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