Goldenrod Lightsaber – Inspired by C-3PO

Hello Everybody, I hope you found the little article behind the scenes of FTSabersite was interesting and showed a bit of the process of creating my designs. I couldn’t tell all of my secrets of course (and most of them would have bored you!) but it might just prompt some of you to go and have a try yourselves!

Back to today’s post and I continue the promised run of Star Wars inspired sabers and honour one of the first characters we see on screen in the saga! Yes it is the turn of C-3PO the slightly nervous, highly strung droid to receive a design. Threepio was a protocol droid built from spare parts by the young Anakin Skywalker on Tatooine. He was a little underdressed to be honest as he didn’t have his famous “golden” body plates attached. This tribute saber does however have all it’s parts and is ready for you to see, here is Goldenrod Lightsaber…

I thought about trying to replicate C-3PO like I did with my Katuso Lightsaber for K-2SO but felt it would be too similar. So I took the idea of “What happened to his arm in The Force Awakens, it was replaced by a red one?” and thought what if it was broken off and someone used the parts to build a saber? This is what it may have looked like. The hilt still looks droid-like however hard I tried to avoid it, I realised that the switch section looked like Threepio’s midriff where his wiring is exposed. Just glue some strategically placed pieces of wire into the recesses and it would look identical. I gave the hilt a white blade so the gold/orange theme didn’t become overkill.

Did someone mention missing parts?

I did a little research and discovered that a single edition comic book was released and the story revolved around Threepio and a group of Resistance droids on a mission to capture a First Order droid that contained information about the location where Admiral Ackbar was being held prisoner. On the planet the droids met unfortunate ends and Threepio was damaged…losing his arm. Eventually only C-3PO and the droid they were sent to capture remained. They were stranded and acid rain began falling. The droid called Omri “sacrificed” himself to activate an emergency beacon but was destroyed by the acid rain. Threepio took Omri’s arm which turned out to be red as a replacement for his, and a reminder to him of Omri’s actions!

Well now we know why Threepio’s arm is red and have seen my tribute to  him. I hope you enjoyed both. I am working on a “commission” design for a certain NFL team and I guess I will need to honour Threepio’s stubby little sidekick! So I hope you will call back to see those in future posts, but for now thank you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite. It’s that time again I have to end….Till next time!

C-3PO, Threepio, The Force Awakens and all other names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd 2016/7.


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