BB-8 Lightsaber – Inspired by TFA’s favourite droid

Hello Everybody, yes this is my special guest for today’s post! May I introduce BB-8 but I think most people already know him! He’s a BB unit with a selenium drive and a thermal hyperscan vindicator, in orange and white. One of a kind. That is until now as I have recreated him in saber form. I had to do a little bit more work on this design (more layers of colour you see) but I think it turned out well. As always you can decide for yourselves, so here I present BB-8 Lightsaber…

Well, this saber sort of bleeps and squeaks for itself! I tried to create a stubby but still usable hilt that had little accents similar to the markings and panels of BB-8. I gave the emitter alternating panels of Candy Orange and White with contrasting black recesses, then lower down the emitter are a set of Candy Orange panels around it’s base. The body is mostly White with black recessed panels (one of which houses the activation switch and recharging port). Around the base of the body section are alternating blocks of Candy Orange and White giving a slightly bulbous feel to the base of the hilt. The pommel is a nice black finish just to finish the saber off. I hope BB-8 approves of my little homage…


Ah, I think that means yes but I’d like to point something out to our little spherical friend! He (or the Disney producers) may have stolen a gimmick from a very talented (and sorely missed) actor by the name of Bob Hoskins (famous for films such as Mona Lisa and Who Framed Roger Rabbit)! Yes, believe it or not Bob did this “Thumbs Up” gesture in the early 80’s. A company called British Gas had a TV ad campaign and Bob starred in it and, well take a look…

Does this count as “Gimmick Infringement”? I wonder where Disney got the idea from? 😀

Well I am afraid it is nearly time to end this post as it is running out of gas! But I would like to say thank you for visiting and checking out this new design. BB-8 may have copied Bob Hoskins but I don’t like copying so I need to create some new designs. This may take a while so I may be taking a small break from posting to concentrate on my work (I will let you know before if I do!). However I have a small article about the work that goes into my designs for tomorrow’s post so please call back to see that. Thanks again and….Till next time.

BB-8, The Force Awakens and all related names, logos, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm ltd. British Gas and “Don’t you just love being in control – London gangsters” advert are Trademark/©Copyright of British Gas.

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