Taurus LWB Lightsaber – A twist on Borommakot’s design

Hello Everybody, today I have a little extra design that came about from Borommakot’s great Taurus design I posted yesterday. I have mentioned before that the graphics used for the preview pictures on the Saberforge builder can be a bit too dark to see details clearly. Because of this I decided to switch the finish used on Taurus from Weathered to Silver and as soon as I did that I heard an old song from a musical in my head. The song inspired my choice for this design’s name, Taurus LWB…

Did any of you guess the name? The logo in the title header image above might have helped…it was “The Little White Bull” sung by the great entertainer Tommy Steele! The song came from a musical entitled “Tommy the Toreador”. It is about a man who gets drawn into the world of bull fighting through mistaken identity. The song tells of a Little Whit Bull that was picked on and had low confidence but overcame all of the troubles he had to be a great bull. A bit like “The Little Engine That Could”.

Some older viewers may also remember Tommy as the person who sang “Flash Bang Wallop (What a picture!)” from the musical “Half a Sixpence”.  I remember him as he shared his birthday with me! No I don’t mean I was born in 1936, just the same day and month 😀 !

Now back to sabers, I mentioned above about the quality of the pictures from the Saberforge Builder. Well they make editing them a bit difficult and time consuming. Because of this I am working on a little article to give you a look at how I create these designs and paint schemes.

As always I am drawing near the end of this post but I ‘d like to thank Borommakot for his design and hope he doesn’t mind my little tweaking. I hopefully should have a very special guest visit the site as a design tomorrow so I’d like to invite you to call back and see who it is. Thank you for today’s visit. Till next time.

“Tommy the Toreador” and the song “The Little White Bull” are Trademark/©Copyright of Fanfare Productions, distributed by Warner-Pathé. “The Little White Bull” was released on Decca Records.


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