Raphael Lightsaber – For the Fourth Turtle

Hello Everybody, I thought I would get some backup in today after the slight interruption from The Shredder yesterday, and that backup comes in the form of the fourth Turtle…Raphael! Raphael was described as the most aggressive of the Turtles, headstrong and he liked confrontation. His character was later toned down a bit when the producers of the animated series and the movies wanted a more humorous feel to the shows. He was also the Turtle most likely to crack a joke, usually breaking the “4th Wall” and addressing us, the audience. Raph (to his friends) used ninja throwing stars called Shurikens but most famously wielded a pair of trident shaped short swords called Sai. Today Raph also gets his long awaited upgrade to a For Tyeth Edition, so here is Raphael Lightsaber…

As Raph is a “Rough and Tough Turtle” (hey great name for a range of toys that, ©Copyrighted by For Tyeth!  😀 ) I made his saber with the couplers that have the Grenade style grip ridges. This means he has a distinct saber (to avoid those arguments with his brothers) and it won’t slip out of his fingers…ergonomic! The saber still has a “Nuclear Goop” coloured blade, Turtle half shell emitter and flipper feet pommel. There is also a bonus youngling version of the saber for thos “little rascal Raphaels”…Turtle Son Raphael

TAP! TAP! TAP!Raph 4th Wall SMl

Er, you’ve just done it Raph…sticking your head out through the screen and talking to me and my viewers! And speaking of viewers I hope you all enjoyed this series of sabers, I have one more to go and that will be for the Turtle’s mentor, Splinter! I hope you will return to see that and all the other new designs I have coming up in future posts. Thanks and…Till next time.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, TMNT and all character names, logos and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of VIACOM International Inc. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles appeared in Mirage Comics.

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