Shredder Lightsaber – For the Turtle’s Arch Enemy

Hello Everybody, I have been “persuaded” by a very large individual with a rather dangerous looking costume covered in blades, to post a design for him. That individual is The Shredder, or Oroku Saki as he was originally called. Shredder is the arch enemy of the TMNT and their mentor Splinter. What started this feud was an affair between Shredder and a man called Hamato Yoshi. Both were both martial artists…and both loved the same woman, it could only spell disaster. The situation culminated in a confrontation but Tang Shen, the lady in the middle of the triangle only had feelings for Yoshi and convinced him not to fight Shredder. Yoshi and Shen fled to New York and Yoshi got a construction job. Shredder followed them and killed Shen in a sneak attack, he then killed Yoshi too on his arrival home. During the fight, Yoshi’s pet rat called Splinter escaped from it’s cage and ran into the city sewers. However Shredder would meet this rat again later, but first I have to present my design for this criminal mastermind , here is Shredder Lightsaber..

I attempted to create a sinister looking saber that had both an Oriental look and the style of the Shredder. So the emitter projects a red blade and has the three claws to represent the Trident shaped ornament on the top of Shredder’s helmet and the blades covering his costume. The rest of the saber looks like that of a criminal mastermind, ostentatious but well used. Shredder became the head of a criminal gang called “The Foot” and during a break in at a science lab the gang released a “Nuclear Goop” that spilled into the sewers and infected a certain Rat and some infant turtles. These creatures were mutated by the goop and became four hero turtles and their mentor Splinter! They then continued the battle with Shredder where the poor Yoshi left off.Slice and Dice

Er, once again maybe not! The picture above shows Shredder (played by James Saito) and I think he approves. But I will have to end the post here, I have a never ending production line to attend to. I have a saber for Splinter coming up, a new NHL team saber and another MotoGP inspired hilt. So there is a lot to look forward to. Thank you so much for visiting today and I hope you liked what you saw. Till next time.

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