Enforcer Lightsaber – Lightsaber for the Law

Hello Everybody, now I don’t want to give the impression I am a “Speed Demon”, I enjoy fast cars, bikes and Greystone Speeders in the right circumstances and environments. But when folks use these vehicles in the wrong manner you need someone to uphold the Law and restore peace and harmony on the highways! This calls for the men and women of the Highway Patrol, a brave group of motorcycle mounted police officers. These officers were immortalised in a great TV show I used to watch in my earlier life (the 6th January 1979 to be precise here in the Outer Rim of the UK!) and that show was called “CHiPs”. Actors Erik Estrada and Larry Wilcox were the heroes of the show playing Francis “Ponch” Poncherello and Jon Baker respectively. Here is my tribute to the fictional and more importantly REAL LIFE Californian Highway Patrol (and other units around the world) this is Enforcer..

This saber is a reworking of my base “motorcycle” saber but with a gold and blue powder coat to represent the uniform  of the CHP riders. The blue band represents Law Enforcement in general but also the front panel of the CHP crash helmet that made the badge logo stand out so well. As a youngling I always wanted to own a “CHiPs” role playing set with the helmet and police equipment, I fancied myself as a Lawman. I sort of am now as a wannabe Jedi Master 😀 !

Jon Baker and “Ponch” used their bikes (Kawasaki KZ900-C2 and KZ1000-C1 models) extensively but they never once drew their sidearm pistols during the life of the show! Maybe they thought blasters were uncivilised and wanted lightsabers! Now they have one and hopefully they approve of the design.

I hope you too liked this little tribute. Sadly that time is approaching where I have to end this post but I’d like to thank the CHP and Law Enforcers around the galaxy and thank you my viewers for checking in and seeing what’s new today. I enjoy your company and hope you will return to see the remaining Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle hilts and the rest of my Speeder motorcycle series. Till next time.

“CHiPs”, Jon Baker, Francis “Ponch” Poncherello and all related names logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of MGM Television and Rosner Television. The Californian Highway Patrol logo is Registered to the Californian Highway Patrol/State of California law enforcement.


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