Leonardo Lightsaber – For the Leader of the Group

Hello Everybody, Cowabunga dudes! Today if you hadn’t guessed I introduce the Heroes on a Half Shell, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles…well Leonardo for today. In the comics (of which there were at least three different publishing houses distributing them) Leo was the level headed and calm leader of the team of four. Leo was also the member most attuned and respectful of their teacher, Splinter’s, lessons. However in later comics and the animated series and films Raphael, who we will meet soon, assumed the role (the producers probably felt that Raph and Michaelangelo were more popular with audiences). The situation of Leo not being as popular is unfortunate as he was the one Ninja Turtle that had swords! Yes Leo wielded two Katana sabers, but today he gets a long overdue upgrade…a For Tyeth Edition! So enough of me babbling on, here is Leonardo’s Lightsaber….

Now this saber has a few features, starting with the “Nuclear Goop” green blade, looks just like the slime responsible for transforming our reptile friends into martial artist adolescents! That blade projects from the shellback shaped emitter, but if you look at the second picture of the emitter it looks a little like the head of a turtle (or terrapin) sticking out from it’s shell. This saber has two silver coloured Coupler pieces either side of the colour coded leather grip. As there are four teenagers and four sabers, you need a way to tell whose saber belongs to whoever! Leo has the silver bands and blue grip to match his bandana, we will see the others in upcoming posts.

Turtle Son Leonardo
And not forgetting the little Ninja Turtles out there!

The above picture shows the youngling version of the Leonardo Lightsaber. I designed both as I had a conversation with a very good friend and blogger, The Princess of Paperback about designing some Father and Son, and Mother and Daughter matching sabers. As a result each of these hilts have a double design, in this case a more simple version without the Couplers (which makes the hilt shorter, perfect for little hands!). If you have a few minutes after reading this post you might like to check out The Princess’ blog where you will find great reviews of books of all genres, interviews with the authors and there’s even a movie section… just click the link I provided above (aren’t I kind 😀 )

Time is nearly upon me so I will have to end here and return to my dojo to practice my saber skills, gotta keep up with Leo you know! So thank you all for visiting today and the support you give me and this site. Please call in again to see the remaining TMNT sabers and more motorcycle themed hilts coming soon. Till next time.

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