Citadel Lightsaber – A Savannah95 Design

Hello Everybody, welcome to the future on a planet far off in the distance! I promised that the sabers would be better than my last offering (Mancunian Blue Lightsaber) and while it’s not one of mine it is beautiful. This is the next design from the talented Savannah95 and it has a futuristic, architectural look to it. I love this design, so much so I was inspired to edit the above image (from a site called to use as the header title. I am pleased to have the honour of presenting Savannah95’s….Citadel Lightsaber…

When I first saw this design and was told the name for it I could imagine it nestled in the skyline of a Megacity like Coruscant (btw did you spot the saber in the header picture? 😀 ) A new trend nowadays is to have searchlights situated on the roofs of buildings pointing upwards to the stars and this saber has a gorgeous Cyan coloured blade to replicate such a searchlight. That blade also projects from an emitter that is elegant and simple but ever so effective (I have used it a few times in some of my designs). The three elongated windows allow some more of the Cyan colour to escape and reinforces the image of a building’s penthouse apartment windows….maybe Padme is looking out of one in the hope of seeing Anakin! The switch section is ribbed, reminding me of the grilles and panelling of modern skyscrapers. The body section also has long elongated grooves and in my mind I just saw Turbolifts travelling up and down them.  The Pommel has neat triangular details like arched doorways to the foyer of a building complex.

I think I might enjoy living in one of these tower blocks! And I hope you liked this beautiful piece of engineering. I’d like to thank Savannah95 for allowing me to share her sabers with you, and I’ll let you in on a little secret…this was one of her first designs IIRC! I also want to thank all of my viewers and followers (including the Anonymouswriter ones!) I have seen on my statistics dashboard I have had visits from folks as far away as Malaysia and the Philippenes, and you are all welcome! Please call back to see more new designs in future posts. Till next time.

“Citadel Lightsaber” is ©Copyright of Savannah95 and is used here with permission. The post header image was obtained from This site, designs and contents are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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