Oranje Moed Lichtzwaard – Orange Courage Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, I am very upset today as for the first time I have failed to deliver! Unfortunately while painting the Manchester City tribute hilt I realized I had made a mistake with the pictures and couldn’t repair the damage I’d done. I had already combined all the frames into single images and couldn’t UNDO the process. This meant I had to get the original images and start again, then the SECOND problem hit me. I backed up the images on my Tablet PC…and just when I needed it the tablet malfunctions and I can’t even turn the thing on anymore (they call this the “Brick” syndrome that affects Androids). I am absolutely devastated and if the laptop I am using to type this out fails me I will be without any means to continue this site 😦 .

To try and make up for this disappointment I do have a replacement design I have made over the past two days in recognition of a gentleman I have met from The Netherlands but lives in Norway. He has visited this site recently and was very complimentary about my work, so I wanted to create a little something for him in way of thanks. This design is called, Oranje Moed Lichtzwaard…

Hopefully you can see what I have done here! I was inspired again by my friend =Ottomatix=’s Irish flag Saberstaff, Slainte, and thought how could I create a National flag saber with a single hilt. The answer came in the use of an emitter and body section that has three spines and the emitter also has three defined rings. These spines and rings were perfect to paint the triband colours of the Dutch National Flag onto. The pommel is painted in a colour which is very close to the Bright Vermilion of the flag (and very close to the orange of the national football team!). The name for the saber comes from the Dutch words for the national colour Orange and the word for Courage.

All Jedi have to be courageous, as will I to continue this site but rest assured I will do my best and I WILL get that Manchester City hilt uploaded (I just have to start over again). Anyway it is time for me to part company and get on with that hilt but I want to thank my new friend(s) for visiting and all of you my regular viewers and followers for all the support. And if the Force wills it I will see you all next time.

“Oranje Moed Lichtzwaard”, “Orange Courage Lightsaber” is a For Tyeth Edition and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017. This website and it’s designs and contents are also ©Copyright of For Tyeth/Ftsabersite 2017.

4 thoughts on “Oranje Moed Lichtzwaard – Orange Courage Lightsaber”

    1. Thanks TVTA, The person I designed this for is Dutch but had to move to Norway and I thought he was a little “homesick” so I came up with this when I learnt how to add colours to the rendered pictures I use. The idea to paint the spines’ recesses came about because the ridges just literally stood out from the hilt. Thanks again for the kind words.

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