Beacon Lightsaber – A Lantern Saber

Hello Everybody, some of you may recall me saying I needed to do more spring cleaning in my workshop, well today I ventured to the deep, dark corners of my facility to sweep it out. It was sooo dark I needed a torch to give me light to see what I was doing (my saber was charging up 😀 ). One problem, I couldn’t find a torch but I did find a Green Lantern themed saber! It is amazing what turns up when you dig deep enough, so while I finish my Sports hilts here is my design for Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern…this is Beacon Lightsaber…

Hal Jordan, a reckless test pilot, is the latest recruit to become the fabled Green Lantern. He was reluctant at first but the mystical Ring chose him to replace  Abin Sur, the most famous Green Lantern up till now. The Green Lantern Corps had existed for centuries so I wondered what a ceremonial (light) saber may look like for the peacekeeping heroes. This was the result. The windowed emitter helps to give the impression of a lantern with the golden blade blazing out. If you look at the section of the hilt where the switches are, the silhouette between the two gold bands looks similar to the actual Green Lantern lamp and his logo. The hilt wears a powder coat of Lantern Corps Green paint, which is very nearly the exact same shade (and who would have thought Green was so popular!) This saber I hope is worthy of consideration, should the Lantern Corps decide to upgrade their equipment.

DC Lantern Artwork SML
Hal Jordan, aka The Green Lantern (source D.C.

Hal may be the last great green hope to save the Universe and just maybe, my saber could help. I hope you liked my tribute to this superhero, I felt it was about time I did a D.C. Comics character hilt. As always thank you to all the viewers and followers of myself and FTSabersite, it really does mean a lot that you come back to see more new designs. This also includes newer viewers from India, Brazil, Belgium and Norway who have called in recently. I will have the Sports themed hilt to show you for my next post (I promise) so…Till next time.


The Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, Abin Sur and all other names, images and related material are Trademark/©Copyright of D.C Entertainment (D.C. Comics), De Line Pictures and Warner Bros.


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