Merseyside Blue Lightsaber – Everton FC’s new saber

Hello Everybody, straight from the paint shop I bring to you the next in my Sports themed sabers series. As promised I have to be fair and have designed a hilt for Liverpool’s blue half of the city and Everton FC football club. Founded in 1878 as St.Domingo’s, a church based team so the people of the area could play sports all year round (they played cricket during the summer!) After a disagreement over the rent for using Anfield Stadium, Everton moved to Goodison Park and adopted the name Everton FC in 1879. So from adversity a new team was born and they hold the record for the most seasons played in the top flight of the Football League (114 seasons) so in recognition of that feat here is my tribute saber, Merseyside Blue…

I was very fortunate, one of the powder coat colours matched perfectly with Everton’s signature colour so I tried to recreate the team’s logo on the hilt. I used an emitter that had a turret like blade socket but which also had what is called a Grenade grip. The Grenade grip is the rectangular blocks and I painted a white spiral line around the hilt on those blocks to recreate the staircase on the tower seen in the badge. The hilt is topped and tailed with a white blade and pommel.

The tower seen above is Prince Rupert’s Tower which is a  local landmark in the suburb of Walton in Liverpool, and is shown on the team crest. Everton FC have an equally long history as their neighbours Liverpool FC and now they too have a For Tyeth Edition! I hope their fans approve of my efforts and you my viewers enjoyed this design. As I mentioned before I now have to produce a saber for Manchester United’s neighbours and rivals Manchester City so I’d like to invite you to return and see that one in an upcoming post. For now thanks for the support. Till next time.

“Everton FC”, the team crest and all related names, logos and materials are Trademark/©Copyright of Everton Football Club, who play in the English Premier League. “Merseyside Blue” is a “For Tyeth Edition” and along with this site and materials are ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

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