Spirit Seeker Lightsaber – A saber for Mr Jeter

Hello Everybody, I have discovered that painting saber hilts takes a long time, so while I finish off some of my sports themed hilts I have a Sports Entertainment hilt to show you all. Now I have created a few hilts in tribute to wrestlers past and present, but this is the first one that I have had the privilege of presenting the design to the wrestler concerned! The wrestler is a gentleman called Johnny Jeter, who has performed for various wrestling companies including Ohio Valley Wrestling and the WWe. You may have seen Mr Jeter on WWe shows where he was a member of the fantastic tag team faction, the Spirit Squad! It turns out that Mr Jeter is also a big Star Wars and lightsaber fan. How do I know this? Well Johnny decided to buy a saber and to get better informed he joined the forum of which I am a member. I had the pleasure of welcoming him to the forum and I decided to design a saber for him. This is that saber, I call this design…Spirit Seeker…

I originally named this saber Spirit but changed the name so I could use Spirit for my Medwyn Elements series. Now the name is a combination of “Spirit” from the Spirit Squad and “Seeker” as Johnny wrestled as “Thrillseeker” for Ohio Valley Wrestling. The saber has elements to represent Johnny’s career, starting with the clawed emitter which reminds me of a wrestling ring with the claws acting as the corner posts. The switch section comes from a Saberforge model called the Gladius, and I chose this part to represent the fighter/wrestler/combatant. The body grip leather and the blade are Green which together with the silvery white metal match the colour scheme of the (in)famous Spirit Squad track suit wrestling attire. The pommel is a personal touch, it is a replica from an Obi-Wan Kenobi saber as Obi-Wan is Johnny’s favourite Jedi (apart from me of course 😀 !).

You will see from the above pictures that the Spirit Squad have Championship belts, well those are the World Tag-Team Championship belts. This means that I have exchanged correspondence with a Champion! In those exchanges I sent him the details for this design as a way of saying thank you for the hours of entertainment he gave me while risking his health to do so.

I am nearing the final bell on this post as I need to get back to producing the Sports themed hilts I promised (they are taking a bit longer than expected but I hope the effort will be worth it). I want to thank you all for visiting today and supporting FTSabersite, it is appreciated. I have discovered that viewers from as far away as Malaysia and Indonesia, Australia and Brazil have checked my site out, so thanks to you and I hope you will return for future posts. Till next time.

“Spirit Squad” and their images are Trademark/©Copyright of World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports.

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