Merseyside Red Lightsaber – A Liverpool Lightsaber

Hello Everybody, today I take you back to my Sports Series of sabers with a hilt for one of the teams that hail from Liverpool. Yes I am presenting a design for Liverpool FC, the team from the city  it takes it’s name from. The team was formed as a result of a disagreement between the Everton committee and John Houlding the club’s president and owner of the area of land known as Anfield. The team played for eight years until the Everton committee parted company from John Houlding and relocated to another stadium named Goodison Park. The team which was to become Liverpool were originally called Everton FC and Athletic Grounds Ltd (Everton Athletic for short!) but due to the club’s split, the Football Association wouldn’t recognise the team with that name so Liverpool FC was created, taking the name of the home city. Ok now onto the saber, this is Merseyside Red…

I am quite pleased with this hilt, even if I am a Manchester United fan! However in the post for Mancunian RED Lightsaber I mentioned the Munich Air Disaster, well Liverpool FC has suffered tragedy also including the 1985 Heysel Stadium Disaster and then the incident known as Hillsborough where 96 Liverpool fans died in an overcrowded stadium stand. As a result Manchester United and Liverpool have become closely linked through mourning, even though on the pitch they are fierce rivals. The details on the saber include the all red coloured powder coat to represent the team’s kit, introduced by the great manager Bill Shankly. Mr Shankly is a legend and has a set of gates (in the picture below) at Liverpool’s Anfield Stadium named after him. These are very ornate and I tried to recreate this elegance with the stylish hilt body. The pommel and claws are coated in gold to reflect the team logo of a Liver Bird, the emblem of the city of Liverpool. Also if you compare the claws to the team badge, they look a little bit like the Liver Bird’s wings.

I hope the fans of Liverpool FC approve of my homage to their team (and city). And I hope you too have enjoyed this design. It has been brought to my attention that to be fair I need to create designs for Everton FC, Liverpool’s neighbours and also for Manchester City FC the rivals to Manchester United. This means I have a few more designs to come up with so please call back to see those in upcoming posts. Thanks for your visit today, it’s great to have your company. Till next time.

Liverpool FC is Trademark/©Copyright of Liverpool Football Club who play in the English Premier League. Merseyside Red is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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