Finalizer Lightsaber – Inspired by kylo Ren’s Star Destroyer

Hello Everybody, as you can see after my post yesterday not only are my sabers popular but it seems that Kylo and The First Order want some. So much so that they have sent one of the most impressive Star Destroyers ever built after me…Oh wait a minute…sorry it’s just my new saber design inspired by that spaceship, The Finalizer. This ship is twice the length of an Imperial-era destroyer and has much better weaponry utilising Kyber Crystals. This means that the turbolasers are more powerful and are quicker to recharge. Not only that but this ship packs two full combat wings of Tie-Fighters, assault craft and can carry 8000 Stormtroopers! My design is going to have to be just as impressive, I hope it is but as always you can decide, Here is my Finalizer…

I used the clawed emitter to represent the “bow” of the Finalizer inspired by it’s silhouette as it flies past the planet. Emitting from the bow is a powerful Kyber Crystal powered blade, which is of course red due to Disney’s new Canon explanation of blade colours! The switch section has two cutaways (the L-shaped parts) which remind me of the hangar bays to house the Tie-Fighters. The ribs and grooves of the hilt’s body section form the numerous weapon bays and hatches where those pesky turbolasers and ventral cannons are positioned. Finally for the Finalizer saber is an FTE pommel to create the illusion that it has an Ion engine, which is why I left off the end cap plug this time!

Finalizer Silhouette Sml
Oh no! The First Order are after my sabers!

The above picture was the one that inspired me to design this saber. I hope that you liked it. Thankfully the ship isn’t really after me (though I think I could handle it 😀 ) I believe that it will be on it’s way to wherever Supreme Leader Snoke is! I am near the end of this post, but as always I want to thank you all for visiting today and would like to invite you to return to see more new designs in future. If you liked what you have seen on this site then please spread the word about FTSabersite to your friends. Till next time.

Finalizer, Kylo Ren, Snoke and all other related names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.

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