Guavian Death Lightsaber – A weapon for the underworld gang

Hello Everybody, we venture back into the Star Wars universe and the world of the Underworld Gangs! Thirty years after the fall of the Galactic Empire (30yrs after Battle of Endor) the vacuum of lawlessness was filled by gangs such as the two that boarded Han Solo’s ship the Eravana. Probably the most striking of these were the Guavian Death Gang, and their negotiator Bala-Tik. You will remember the red armoured mercenaries with the faceless helmets and masks. These individuals were deadly soldiers who swore allegiance to the Gang and in return were augmented with black market, high-tech hardware including chemical enhancements. Because of their use of tech I wondered what a For Tyeth Edition lightsaber might look like had they been bought and sold on the black market and used by the Guavians, here is the result…

Guavian Foot Soldier Sml 2
Image from

The Guavian Death Squad enforcers wore high impact red armour and helmets (of which the masks contained communication devices) and so I gave this saber a matching coat of  red and black. The emitter has the look of the helmet with a dark black inlay to represent the faceless feature of the mask. Below the emitter there is another black segment to give the impression of the pauldrons worn on their shoulders. Further reinforcement of the image is the ribbed body section and pommel I chose to replicate the foot soldier’s footwear and shin pads. I think that the Gang would probably want to get their hands on some of these sabers. Fortunately I don’t supply the Underworld, I’m a reputable designer!Guavian Vertical Up Bala-Tik


Sorry I just had to paraphrase the film there! I am going to have to end this post shortly and make my getaway as I have more designs to come up with! Before I make the jump to hyperspace I’d like to take the opportunity to say thank you for visiting today. I appreciate your continued support of this site and hope you’ll return to see more of my future posts. Till next time.

Bala-Tik, Guavian Death Squad and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm.


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