Shockwave Lightsaber – A new saber for the Military Machine

Hello Everybody, we are taking a trip back into the world of the Transformers today with a hilt for another of the “bad guys”, this time it is for the Decepticon’s military strategist. This Transformer was Shockwave, once described as a computer on legs, due to his high level logic and decision making. However this characteristic was at odds with his superior’s and Shockwave thought he would make a better leader. Megatron’s headstrong approach caused him to eventually “malfunction” and Shockwave did become leader (maybe Shockwave calculated that this might happen!) So for a large imposing robot with a calculating brain, I designed a lightsaber for his term as Decepticon leader, this is Shockwave…

I think I have created an intimidating saber that shares the look of Shockwave.

ShockwaveUltimateDoom3As you can see from the picture here, Shockwave was BIG and purple. Believe it or not, but that little yellow thing at the bottom of the picture is the Autobot Bumblebee’s head! (You can see my design for Bumblebee by clicking the name Bumblebot) Shockwave wasn’t modified by the spaceship called the Ark like the other Transformers and so retained his Cybertron styling and transforms into a laser pistol. As a result I used a body part that could be the handgrip of a laser gun. The emitter has the dark inlaid section that reminds me of Shockwave’s Cyclops-like eye, paint a yellow dot onto it and it would look even more like him. Regarding paint, I was able to give the saber a nice powder coat in Translucent Grape which is as close as you can get to Shockwave’s trademark colour!

I am nearing the time where I have to end this post. I enjoyed creating this design as the colouring process worked so well with the parts I used. I hope you agree and will return to see which other “Robots in Disguise” will receive a For Tyeth saber in future posts. I’d like to thank you all once more for the support you give the site, I appreciate all of your visits. Till next time.

“Transformers”, “Robots in Disguise” Autobots,  Decepticons and all other names, images and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Hasbro Toys.





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