Unity and Dark Unity Saberstaff – Savannah95

Hello Everybody, wow what a way to finish the Power Ranger series! I do hope Rita approved of my staff design. If she didn’t maybe she might like one of these two saber staffs from my friend Savannah95. I haven’t posted a design from Savannah in a while and this seemed a good time to do so. As with the Power Rangers and Star Wars the underlying story tells of struggle between good and bad, Light and Dark. I have said before that sabers can have similar characteristics depending on colour and finish etc. Savannah proves my point with this offering, here is Unity…

This is a nicely laid out staff, not too fussy but with enough little details to catch the eye. It came to my attention recently that no Jedi or  Lightside character had used a staff in the films or cartoons etc but this would be a suitable candidate. On the other hand there has been Sith and Darkside characters such as Darth Maul who have used a staff, so Savannah has a Darkside version, just to show the balance, so here is Dark Unity…

This has  been the Darkside staff Dark Unity, and sleek and deadly it looks too. The weapon has Blood Orange blades which I would love to see clashing against the Deep Blue blades of Unity. There is a fan theme called Fire and Ice, referring to the colours of different character’s weapons and when two opposing colours are seen together it is usually called a Fire and Ice moment. These two weapons fit that description.

Sadly though I am reaching that point in the post again! I will have to end soon but I would like to thank my friend Savannah for allowing me to display her works here. I also want to thank all of you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite. I hope you will return for future post where I will be presenting a saber for a member of a Crime Gang  and many more new designs. Till next time.

“Unity” and “Dark Unity” are ©Copyright of Savannah95 and used here with permission. All designs, content and material within FTSabersite is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/Ftsabersite 2017.


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