Ranger Repulse Lightsaber – Rita Repulsa’s new Staff

Hello Everybody, today I continue the Green theme and bring to you a Saberstaff for an Intergalactic Witch! This Witch hails from the galaxy M-51 and had an army of minions made of Putty! Around 10,000 Earth years ago, she tried to overthrow this planet but was defeated and imprisoned in a Dumpster (?) and sent hurtling through space. The orbit of the dumpster however caused it to return to present day Earth and she has escaped and is trying to once more dominate the Earth. This person is of course Rita Repulsa (FINALLY, YOU TOLD THEM WHO I AM!! NOW GET ON WITH IT TYETH! .Rita) the arch enemy of the Power Rangers, and this is my design for her new magic staff, this is Ranger Repulse…

I am really pleased with this design, I think it looks suitably evil in the Lime Green powder coat. Again it would have been lacking had I not been able to colourise it. The clawed emitter projects a blade of evil magic, easily a match for the Ranger’s weapons I designed I fear. The hilt handle is unforgiving and aggressive looking (a bit like Rita’s early costumes). But the goodies don’t stop at the pommel, this saber has a staff extension to match. I imagined Rita using this staff version with the FTE pommel to increase it’s power to cast her spells, usually to make her minions into giants! (I LIKE THIS IDEA!…ARE YOU SURE YOU’RE NOT EVIL TYETH? .Rita)

No, I’m not evil just a fan of Green..especially green lightsabers! Carrying on, as you can see from the pictures above Rita has had a bit of an image change since she emerged from the Dumpster way back in 1993! Rita was originally portrayed by Machiko Soga (and dubbed by Barbara Goodson) in the first TV series and was replaced by Carla Perez in later versions of the show. Machiko did return later however. In the new film due out next weekend, Elizabeth Banks takes on the role of Rita and has a definite Green thing going on!

OK, now I think I have finally finished my tribute series for the Power Rangers. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed producing it. I’d like to thank you all for checking these designs out and hope you will call back to see more new ones in future posts. I appreciate all of your support. Till next time.

Power Rangers (2017) is produced by Lionsgate, Saban Brands and Saban Entertainment.
Created by Saban Entertainment. Trademark and ©Copyright of Saban Entertainment.



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