Ranger Black Lightsaber- A new Saber for Zach

Hello Everybody, yesterday I helped Buffy the Vampire Slayer by updating her arsenal, now I have to update the next Power Ranger. That Ranger is Zachary Taylor – The Black Ranger! Zachary is the ladies man in the group and loves to bust a move (I think that’s the term the younglings use nowadays!) whenever he hears a good tune playing. In fact he is very mobile, enjoying dancing and Martial Arts..so much so that he combined the two and created a new Martial art he called Hip Hop Kido, very similar to Capoeria. This martial art combines dance like movements with fast powerful strikes – imagine something like Darth Maul! So a style of combat like that needs a saber, doesn’t it? Here is my design for Zach….Ranger Black…

Zach’s new saber has the familiar double grip hilt to give him maximum flexibility and power to match his style of combat. The black Reptile leather provides excellent grip whichever way you hold the hilt – I have it on my saber – and helps to contrast the silver accents on the emitter, switch and pommel cap. The look has style but allows Zach to let his actions speak by being versatile. Zach was versatile on the battlefield and was able to assess the situation and come up with solutions many times to save the day.

Zach was originally portrayed by Walter Emanuel Jones in the Power Rangers TV show but Zach disappeared after a peace conference in the episode “Power Transfer” and no-one really knows what became of him! Zach will be played by Ludi Lin in the new film due out on the 24th March. Phew! I have done it, I have reached the end of this series of sabers for the Power Rangers and I’d like to….


Ah yes! I mean  I have nearly finished as I still have a saber(?) for the Ranger’s arch enemy Rita! I’ll post her saber in Saturday’s post. Please call back tomorrow as I celebrate St Patrick’s Day with a NEW Guest Designer! For now thank you for visiting and supporting FTSabersite. Till next time.

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