Katuso Lightsaber 2- K-2SO now has new colours!

Hello Everybody, today I return to the world of Rogue One, and a style makeover for K-2SO! In my last post for his design (Katuso Lightsaber found here) I felt there was something not quite right. As mentioned before the software I use to build the saber designs only has 4 colour choices, Standard silver and black, all Black, all Silver and Weathered. None of these schemes looked right so I just used naked silver coloured parts. It still looked like a droid but I knew I could do better, and here is that (hopefully) improved version, this is Katuso (V2)…

So this has been K-2SO’s new clothes. I hope they suit him much better than the last outfit he had! I was able to give the saber a much darker (but not plain black) coating which I liked far better. Because of the options Saberforge offer now for different colours and textures I was also able to add some nice little yellow flashes. If you look closely at K-2SO he has yellow bands around his shoulder joints, which are rank insignia. These were impossible to add before. Should you want to make this even more accurate I am sure you could find some vinyl stickers of the First Order/Imperial cogs you can see on his shoulders and stick those on!

I hope you can see the improvements and enjoyed this new redesign. I may have a few more sabers I need to revisit so I would like to invite you back to see those and the new designs from myself and my friends from around the Galaxy. There will be the final couple of Power Ranger hilts, a few more Father and Son double sets and a Celebration of St Patrick’s Day with a brand new Guest Designer!  A lot to look forward to. Thank you for visiting. Till next time.

“K-2SO”, “Rogue One – A Star Wars Story” and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/LucasFilm. Katuso Lightsaber is a For Tyeth Edition and is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

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