Ranger Green (+Gold Bits)Lightsaber, Revisited!

Hello Everybody this is going to be a very short post as I am not feeling 100% at the moment, but I promised I would bring to you the re-coloured Ranger Green saber. With my new found skill of editing my gallery pictures to look as if they have Powder Coating I can now present a mini gallery of updated pictures, here is Ranger Green(+Gold Bits  😀 )…

I like to be accurate so I have added a gold coloured switch and pommel to give this saber the necessary highlights. Tommy, the Green Ranger was one of the most successful Rangers in combat so might deserve the Gold treatment! I still don’t know if Tommy will appear in the new film but there are some rumours about an evil Queen’s (called Rita Repulsa I think) staff hiding a Green surprise…hmmm! Maybe I can come up with a staff design for this evil Queen? It would make up for this shorter than normal offering.

Here is Tommy the original  Green Ranger in Green and Gold! (Source rangercentral.com)

I did manage to find a picture for you to compare my saber with, showing Jason David Frank who portrayed Tommy in the original series. I haven’t posted pictures about any possible replacement for him in the rebooted film just in case they turn out to be Spoilers!

I am so sorry but I feel very tired right now and will have to end this post, but as always I will give you a few teasers about my upcoming posts. I have an Amazonian wonder coming to FTSabersite shortly and I’m finally getting back to the Star Wars universe as I have a new casing for a fan favourite droid. I sometimes wish I was a droid, I wouldn’t catch all these Earth bound ailments then….anyway I am going to get a hot beverage and wrap up in a bedding sheet. Hopefully I will feel a bit brighter tomorrow. Please do check in again for my next post, there will be one however ill I am. Till next time.

Power Rangers (2017) is produced by Lionsgate, Saban Brands and Saban Entertainment.
Created by Saban Entertainment. Trademark and ©Copyright of Saban Entertainment.

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