Ranger Yellow – Trini Kwan’s New Saber

Hello Everybody, today we have a bright post as we return to the world of the Power Rangers. Very bright in fact as I would like to introduce the Yellow Ranger to you and her new saber. Trini Kwan is the Yellow Ranger and was portrayed by the late Vietnamese actress Thuy Trang in the original series. Well versed in Kung-Fu, in particular Praying Mantis Kung-Fu, Trini had lightning fast strikes – especially high kicks! She liked to overcome opponents with the minimum force necessary. Trini was the voice of conscience and translation for the group, usually interpreting all of Billy’s technical talk. (Strange, I always seemed to be able to understand him…Quantum Mechanics, Alternate Realities…wormholes even Flux Capacitors…oops wrong franchise 😀 ) Generally soft-spoken and polite, Trini is a calm and warm person. She is an environmentalist, is prepared to both push herself and put herself in danger for those she loves (sounds very Jedi-like to me) She was given possesion of the Sabre Toothed Tiger Coin and Dinozord by Zordon but today I am about to present her with a new saber…Ranger Yellow…

This is suitably bright and colourful for Trini I feel, but don’t let appearances fool you this is still a formidable weapon in the right hands. During her time as a Power Ranger Thuy Trang injured her knee while performing a stunt and literally had to “sit out” most of the season she was filming. In one episode you can even see her wearing a knee brace as proof. This also hints at the acrobatic, energetic style of combat Trini possessed which this saber should compliment nicely.

Trini Kwan was one of the “Mystery Disappearance Rangers” (the other being Zach Taylor) in the episode “Power Transfer” where Zach and Trini disappear after attending a World Peace Conference. Trini’s powers were transfered to Aisha Campbell by the Sword of Light (Hey! Gimmick Infringement!).

Sadly Thuy Trang died in a motor vehicle accident on 3rd September 2001 in San Francisco, California but Trini Kwan will appear in the new film and will be played by singer Becky G (both pictured above).

Once more time has beaten me and I have to bring this post to an end. A few posts back I promised I would update the Green Ranger’s saber with his trademark Gold and Green, well I will present those pictures in my next post. I hope you will return to see those and you have liked what you have seen today. Till next time.

Power Rangers (2017) is produced by Lionsgate, Saban Brands and Saban Entertainment.
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    1. Apparently working conditions weren’t very good on the early Power Rangers’ film sets. There are stories of distasteful discrimination and “bullying”, pay disputes, scrimping on production costs etc. One story even stated that the crew were ordered to return to filming the very next day after the film studio and surrounding area had been hit by an earthquake. Probably the worst and related to Thuy Trang’s injury, was that producers wouldn’t hire stand-ins or full time stunt performers meaning the acting talents had to do their own stunts.

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