Originals Lightsaber – Inspired by the TVD Spin-off

Hello Everybody, I think I should do Spring cleaning more often, I have found another design I had forgotten about. I get so busy coming up with new ideas I sometimes start a series of designs before I finish the last! This saber I designed for the young(?) lady called Rebekah in the Vampire Diaries spin-off The Originals. The story revolves around the Mikaelson siblings, Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah, known as the Original vampires (wasn’t Dracula the first?). Centuries ago Klaus was responsible for building the city of New Orleans, but after a disagreement with his father, was chased out of “his” own city. Klaus’ protégé Marcel took over control of New Orleans…until Klaus returns to retake his town and take down his student. Watching all this unfold is Rebekah (played by Claire Holt) and I designed a saber for her protection, as chances are she would probably get caught in the crossfire of hostilities.

This is an Original Lightsaber…

This saber I attempted to incorporate a bit of a Gothic style by using the body section and clawed emitter to replicate the type of stonework found in that era’s buildings and the filigree décor. I hoped to capture the look of symbols like the Fleur de Lys in the show’s logo. I gave the saber an amber blade as the Originals show has much more of a sepia, golden yellow theme compared to The Vampire Diaries dark blood red theme. The switch has the little signs of elegance with the silver bands but the pommel reminds you this is a serious weapon, a skull crushing piece!

Rebekah, played by Claire Holt (source:  www.originals.fr)

Will Klaus complete his takeover of New Orleans? What implications will his unborn child have, it will be the first of it’s kind born to a part Vampire/Werewolf and a Werewolf. (Wait where did the Werewolves come into this?) I don’t know the answers..or at least I’m not telling them here, you will have to check the series out if you haven’t already. I hope Rebekah likes her new saber and I hope you my viewers and followers enjoyed this design. I still have the remaining Power Ranger hilts to bring to you as well as a new Amazonian! So please return to see those, you will be most welcome. Till next time.

The Originals is produced by Bonanza Productions, My So-Called Company, Alloy Entertainment and Warner Bros. Television. The show is distributed by The CW in the USA and SyFy in the UK. All names, logos and related material are Trademark/© Copyright of Warner Bros. and Bonanza Productions.


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