Psylocke Saber -A Lightsaber for Miss Munn

Hello Everybody, I bring you one of my “old” designs for a super heroine from the film X-Men: Apocalypse. That character is Psylocke, or as she used to be known, Betsy Braddock. Elisabeth, Elizabeth “Betsy” Braddock was the sister of a character called Captain Britain, from the comic of the same name (hence the multiple spellings of her name, due to reprints being adapted to the country where they were sold) and started off as a “precognitive”. This meant she had the ability to for-see possible futures. The ability was limited to begin with, but as with all Marvel characters, her powers developed as her history deepened. This development of Psylocke saw her gain the power of telekinesis, was abducted by alien beings and her being merged with that alien. She had bionic eyes implanted, could fire energy bolts from those eyes, need I go on? But the one ability that caught my attention was her skills with a (slightly) glowing whip!

I designed this saber over a year ago, it is simply called…Psylocke…

So this was my design for Psylocke played by Olivia Munn, who is a very big comic book fan and expert (dare I say a Nerdy Geek). I had seen images online of Psylocke using a laser whip or Lightwhip so designed my saber to look like the handle of a Bullwhip (yes I’m an Indiana Jones fan too 😀 ). However when the X-Men film Apocalypse came out Psylock was equipped with a Katana! I just left my design deep in one of the folders on my laptop and sort of forgot about it. Thankfully while doing Spring cleaning of my workspace I found it again. The saber is simple but elegant, with a grip which has the appearance of plaited leather just like a Bullwhip. It is finished off with a sleek, tapered pommel and of course a blade in Psylocke’s trademark purple colour!

So I have reached that dreaded point again and have to go back to my workshop to polish up my next posts. I have a very WONDER-ful new design for a special WOMAN which is topical for today,  International Women’s Day! It wasn’t quite ready for today’s post but it is near. I hope you enjoyed this post and will return to see more designs from me and my friends in future. Till next time.

Psylocke, X-Men: Apocalypse and all related names, logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Comics/Marvel Entertainment.


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