Ranger Green – Inspired by the new Power Rangers movie

Hello Everybody, I have another Power Ranger to introduce to you but first I have a little housekeeping to do! In my mood of reminiscence in the Ranger Pink post I forgot to say that Kimberly Hart will be played by Naomi Scott, so I apologise Miss Scott. Here is a quick picture of you as our new Pink Ranger..Pink-Ranger-Naomi-Scott

Secondly while reading up to get information for these posts it seems that the release date for the new film has changed, I saw it advertised as 17th March but recent evidence says it will hit cinemas on the 24th. That sort of puts a spanner in my schedule so I have had to create ANOTHER saber to fill the gap. You will get to see that before the film starts but I have Ranger Green to present to you, here it is…

Now this saber I like! Well it’s Green isn’t it  😀  Now I have learnt how to “Powder Coat” my gallery images I will revisit this design and add the missing Gold accents that weren’t originally available. This however isn’t my saber, it belongs to the Green Ranger. Probably the most legendary Ranger of them all was Tommy Oliver, the original Green Ranger. He had an amazing history, he was a 6th Dan Black Belt in Karate, he was also considered one of the most powerful of the Rangers. Tommy had a relationship with Kimberly that was exploited by Rita Repulsa (remember that other saber I mentioned…shhh Tyeth,  😉 ). Rita used a magical Green Candle to drain Tommy of his powers. Does this mean the Green Ranger won’t be in the new film? I’m not sure, we will have to go and watch it to find out.

I will just say I have checked IMDB and can’t find any reference or details about the Green Ranger (or any actor’s name linked to it) . With all of this history and having to research it, I’ve run out of time yet again so I hope you enjoyed Ranger Green. Please be sure to return and see more new designs here on FTSabersite, you’ll be most welcome. Till next time.

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