Pisces Lightsaber – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everybody, before I forget I need to bring you Borommakot’s latest saber in his Zodiac Series. And if you have been following the site (^ or read the title ^) you will know we have reached the sign of Pisces! Borommakot has a clever eye for details and at first I didn’t see some of the things he did in this design. That was partly due to poor graphics in the builder, but it has since been upgraded and when I reloaded Boro’s design the little details stood out more. So here is that saber…Pisces…

This saber is much more watery than I thought when Boro’ first posted it! I realised that the emitter looked like the mouth of a fish as it eats food off the surface of the water (which I should have recognised as I used to go fishing to relax before the troubles in the Galaxy). Further down the hilt we come to the switch section which has details that replicate the dorsal fin and the Operculum. The activation box where the switch holes are form the dorsal fin and the black inlay gives the appearance of the Operculum or gill covers that you see flapping when the fish breathes. The body has a suitably scaly leather grip in Cobalt Blue. The pommel is ornate and symmetrical making it look like the upper and lower fins of the tail. The blade is a nice medium blue and looks like a jet of water spraying from the fish’s mouth…maybe this is an Archer Fish!  😀

Borommakot should know a thing or two about fish, as his alter-ego on YouTube is daftPirate, where he has many videos on computer gaming and his now growing collection of Lightsabers! So please take a few minutes to check his channel out and to make things easy for you here is a link: daftPirate’s YouTube Channel.

Well I am afraid it is time to come back up to the surface for air and to bring an end to this post! Yes it’s that time again, but before I dive back into my workshop I would like to thank you all for your visit today and hope you will return as I have more Power Rangers to introduce. And an Old Friend of mine will make his debut on FTSabersite on St Patrick’s Day! Please join me for that. Till next time.

“Pisces Lightsaber” is a Guest Designer design and is ©Copyright of Borommakot. The design is used here with permission and is covered by this site’s ©Copyright belonging to ForTyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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