Ranger Pink – Inspired by the new Power Rangers film.

Hello Everybody, we return to the world of Power Rangers and possibly one of the most popular Rangers, Kimberly Hart the Pink Ranger! Kimberly Ann Hart was played by the American/Canadian actress Amy Jo Johnson, who was part of the original cast and appeared in the first three seasons plus the two feature films. Kimberly as a result became the longest serving female Ranger and fourth longest serving overall. She even became the first Pink Ninja Ranger. Well I think it’s time to give this warrior her weapon this is Ranger Pink…

I know there seems to be a lack of Pink in this hilt but I designed this before I learned how to recreate Powder Coat colours, so I may have to return to this hilt and produce a Powder Pink Version! Despite that the saber has a Pink blade and look closely at the switch and you will see a diamond pattern that mirrors the designs on the Pink Ranger suit. I think this hilt would compliment Kimberly’s athletic gymnastic style of combat. This style could work well with the Lightsaber form called Ataru, which Master Yoda demonstrated in his battle against Count Dooku in Attack of the Clones.

kimberly-hart-amy-joKimberly Hart during her missions for the Rangers, experienced body swapping with fellow Rangers, was kidnapped by Lord Zedd to become his next Queen and even had her own Comic Book series such was her popularity. It is no wonder this actress was so much of a fan favourite, so I’ve included a picture for her fans.


Amy Jo Johnson has also experienced a wide range of success after the Rangers, performing in numerous popular shows (such as Flashpoint), movies and becoming a producer. Amy also has three self penned albums as a singer/songwriter.

Well, I am afraid as usual, am running short on time and will have to bring this post to an end. I hope you all enjoyed this homage to the Pink Ranger, and I promise I will rework the design for her to include a bit more colour! I would be so happy if you could come back to see that. For now thank you for visiting and supporting this site. (Don’t forget you can leave comments below and I’ll do my best to respond as quickly as I can). Till next time.

The Power Rangers was created by Saban International. The new film is due out on March 17th. All Trademarks and ©Copyrights belong to Saban International and Lionsgate Entertainment 2017.

2 thoughts on “Ranger Pink – Inspired by the new Power Rangers film.”

  1. Pink. Why’d it have to be pink?
    There’s a Power Rangers movie?

    Nice design For. I myself, am not a huge fan of that style of emitter, but it certainly suits this design.

    I tend to agree that a splash more colour would benefit this hilt, since the character is so colourful herself, but easy on the pink eh? 😉

    1. Your wish is my command! Non of the parts in the builder were Pink except the blade, but I can now edit the pictures to my liking, so expect some colour soon. Good to speak with you again!

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