I’ve been Nominated Once More!

Hello Everybody, as the title suggests, Abby at Brunch with the Dolls has nominated me for an award again. Once more I am a little busy, so I will just answer the questions as recognition. So here goes…

1) Coffee, tea, or hot chocolate?

Easy…black coffee. Especially the sort you get at a particular railway station here in the Outer Rim of the UK…it is sooo strong the company call it Rocket Fuel! I drank a medium sized cup and was hyperactive for 36hrs!

2) What is your most prized possession?

My Lightsaber (“Your lightsaber is your life” is a quote by Obi-Wan Kenobi), I waited over 30 years to get mine. Firstly because they weren’t readily available when I first arrived here, and secondly due to being a poor Jedi traveller I don’t have much money. My saber, the Baldemnian Blade cost me more than $300/£250!

3) Who is your best bloggy buddy? (lightsabers count)

I have two, one is of course you Abby for all these Nominations and the second is the Princess of Paperback, who has given me some great feedback on my designs while still publishing two blogs and caring for a family! (I wish I could multitask like her!)

4) What is your religion?

I follow the Jedi Code of course! Well sort of, I just try to treat people how I would like to be treated. Doesn’t always work like that though. I welcomed one person to a community once and helped them fit in, taught him a new skill and he then used that skill to insult and troll me because he didn’t like the fact I was popular. He wanted to be centre stage. Oh well, but this did lead to me setting my site up!

5) Who is your role model?

Probably my Look-a-like, Qui-Gon Jinn! He was unwavering in his ideals and was brave enough to voice his opinion, even if it wasn’t to his benefit. (That’s why he wasn’t a member of the Jedi Council).

6) Morning person or night person?

It feels like I operate 24hrs a day! But I like night-time as I get to see the stars and think of all the planets and galaxies I’ve visited.

7) Pick your poison below. (You have to pick one)pillpoison

As a Jedi, I would take the Red pill and be transported to the fictional world. I wouldn’t want to interfere in someone else’s life bringing them to me. If I want to meet people and explore, I should go there (though it would be as an observer to avoid disruption)

8) What’s your Starbucks order?

Starbucks? Never had one, sorry.

9) Favorite color? Yes, I’m running out of ideas.

As you can tell from my Gravatar picture and site graphics I have a thing for Green. Always makes me feel hopeful, you know like when you see a new blade of grass push up from the earth.

10) Pick your weapon Sword, lightsaber, bow and arrow, hatchet, or the Bible?

Er…Lightsaber! Because it should be used only for defence, but it is very useful as a tool. During a power cut and the lights go out, ignite your lightsaber and light the way. Also useful in fire evacuation situations!

11) Does your family have any holiday traditions?

I always find the place where the locals eat and enjoy a meal in that cafe, bar or restaurant.

12) Bonus Question: If you could learn any other language which one would you choose?

“Critique’a’wIj loS tlhIngan pejatlh tlhIngan, nIHDaq ghoj vIneH!” – I’d like to learn to speak Klingon, oh wait I’m speaking Klingon!

Those are my answers to Abby’s questions. I hope you all had a bit of a laugh reading through it all. I am now going to return to preparing my next posts as they take a little more time now! I should (fingers crossed) have the second Power Rangers hilt in my next offering. I hope you will return here to find out which Ranger is next. Thanks to Abby and thank you, my viewers and followers for your support. Till next time.

FTSabersite, For Tyeth Edition designs and all content within this site is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/Ftsabersite 2017.


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