Stark Lightsaber -Ironman’s new upgrade.

Hello Everybody, I have a bit of a superheroes theme running at the moment with the Power Rangers hilts. Another hero I have been wanting to design a hilt for is Tony Stark, or rather his alter-ego Ironman. Now that I have learned how to recreate powder coat textures I can fulfil that ambition. Other people in the Lightsaber community have built Ironman themed sabers but they were either scratch built or specially commissioned from dedicated Saber Smiths. My design should be possible from very basic parts and services. So here is my saber for Ironman, I call this Stark…

The saber I hope should be recognisable! The colours are a close match to the super-suit of armour that Tony Stark, the billionaire businessman built to help him escape when he was kidnapped. The suit also helps keep him alive, acting as a pace maker for his damaged heart. Tony was hit by shrapnel during an explosion and a shard of metal travelled into his heart, this shrapnel couldn’t be removed. The emitter reminds me of Ironman’s mask and the blue blade looks like the energy bolts he can fire from his gauntlets (powered by the famous ARC Reactor, more on this below). The ribbed body section represents the flexible armour plates that cover Tony’s abdomen. The base of the hilt has a miniaturised ARC Reactor inside the FTE Pommel, just like the suit itself has. When the saber is deactivated, I planned to use a blade plug to protect the internal parts. The blade plug is a tube with an end cap that slots into the emitter and prevents damage to the saber and stops you blinding yourself if you accidently look at the saber when lit. Fortunately Saberforge make just such an item which when used looks a bit like this..

This “Reactor” blade plug looks spookily like the Ironman ARC Reactor don’t ya think?

Well I hope you enjoyed this homage to the Ironman. He has been a firm fan favourite ever since Stan Lee created him back in 1963! Tony Stark and Ironman will feature in a few more films over the next few years. I have enjoyed finally creating my Ironman saber but I will say repainting the pictures took the best part of 24hrs work to get right. This means I may not post quite as many Powder Coated hilts or I’ll just use fewer pics in the gallery. Whatever I decide to do I will still be bringing you new designs and I sincerely hope you’ll return to see what’s in store. Thank you for visiting today and for all your support. Till next time.

Blade plug images via and Ironman, Tony Stark and all related images logos and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Comics/Entertainment.

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