200 Posts? “That’s..impossible!”

Hello Everybody, before I go any further I want to thank all of the people who have visited, liked, subscribed or left comments on this site over the past 199 posts! It is you, the viewers that keep me posting here…and pushing me to try new things.

I have very recently (yesterday in fact!) learnt a new trick that will help take my designs to the next level. The current trend in custom lightsabers is Powder Coating on the hilt handles to enable some pretty neat effects similar to those found on custom hot rod cars. Now hilts can have various colours and textures or combinations, creating some weird and wonderful sabers. The Saberforge ASP builder software only gives you the option of four main finishes, Standard (or Dual Tone), all Black, all Silver or Weathered. But now I have found a way to edit the sample pictures in photo-editing software to recreate these Powder Coating effects. I am still getting to grips with the technique but here are my first attempts, see what you think of my Wolverine in New Clothes!

Yes this is Two Sabers for Logan painted to look like the Wolverine costume seen in the early Marvel Comics. Due to the file format of the sample pictures, it is difficult to repaint them. You can’t change the size of the pictures otherwise they become either big and blocky or too small to see. This means a lot more work but I feel I may have a good start. It will mean my posts take longer to prepare, but hopefully I will get better and quicker (I do have the next 200 posts to get it right  😀 ).


So hopefully this technique should provide me with new opportunities to come up with striking designs. And I will try to keep them as viable designs based on what is available. But first, as you can see from the picture above that the set of SIX sabers has finally arrived, and the first will be displayed in tomorrow’s post! So please return to check out these new designs. I am sure the future of FTSabersite is gong to be colourful and I would be honoured if you were all part of it! Till next time.

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