X-Generations Lightsabers – Two Sabers for Logan

Hello Everybody, I hope you all liked yesterday’s surprise package of EX-23 Lightsaber. It was difficult to actually write the post without giving away too much of the plot surrounding X-23 Laura Kinney. I didn’t want to spoil the upcoming film Logan for anyone planning on going to see it, and I am having the same problems writing this post about her father and the sabers I have designed. However I think I can manage not to reveal too much. I can safely say that James Howlett, born in the late 1880’s, in the town of Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada has had a hard time in life. During his childhood, the groundskeeper of the farm his parents owned, was wrongly accused of rape and thrown off the property. However this man returned and killed James’ father. In a very strange twist of fate, James killed the groundskeeper using Bone Claws which extended from the back of his hands when he was angered. This was the sign of his Mutation. The irony is that the groundskeeper, Thomas Logan was in fact James’ biological father. After this and another tragedy involving his first love, James went into hiding. This is the beginnings of the character we know as Wolverine and I will now present my first design for him…this is  Logan X…

This saber represents Wolverine as we know him in the X-Men. In James Howlett’s storyline he discovered the truth about his father and “adopted” the name Logan. Due to his Mutation, Logan possessed enhanced animal-like strength and reflexes, and the ability to self heal from many types of wound and infection or disease. As a result he lived a long time taking part in both World Wars and later became a Soldier of Fortune. He was also captured and experimented on by a group of scientists who implanted a metallic coating that covered his Bone Claws, making them even more lethal. Eventually he became a member of the X-Men team. This saber hopefully reflects the look of Wolverine as he became known. The emitter has three spines to represent his three claws and also looks like the cowl of his early costumes. Further down the hilt are stripes, again to resemble the costume, while the spines continue down the hilt to look like his famous Sideburn beard! The blade is yellow and the crystal chamber shines blue, true to the colour scheme of his outfit. And finally, the pommel has TWO prongs, hinting at his future legacy….which I will continue to tell you about on page 2 so please click the button below to see the SECOND saber for Old Man Logan.

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