EX-23 Lightsaber – Kinney’s Claws

Hello Everybody, today I have a bit of a surprise package that I have been keeping under wraps, but recent topics I’ve posted on and conversations I’ve had persuaded me to reveal the next designs. Yesterday I spoke about Rey and her path in The Last Jedi, and where her origins lie. One possible theory I didn’t mention was that Rey may be a Clone of some sort. Well another film due out in a few days time (1st or 2nd March depending on where you live) tells the story of another young clone, and her father. Who is he?… He’s a very famous Mutant….

I have designed sabers for other Superheroes so this is a design for the Clone-Daughter of that famous Mutant…This saber is EX-23…

This saber is for Laura Kinney, a young girl who is the cloned daughter of a Mutant Superhero, who we will meet in tomorrow’s post. The emitter has two prongs, very similar to the metallic claws Laura shares with her father. In the Star Wars universe the colour of a Lightsaber is determined by the builder’s character and their meditation focused on the crystal inside. EX-23’s blade is an amber colour, neither Light nor Dark – Good or Evil, as Laura’s actions are the product of the genetic modification the scientists responsible for her creation inflicted on her. Laura as a result of these modifications had to be a tough survivor and goes through some terrible ordeals and this is reflected in the hilt handle design. It is made from parts picked up here and there and put together to form a no-frills but lethal weapon. Not that Laura really needs any extra weapons as this picture shows:

Look closely and you may just be able to pick out her father in the background!

Another reason I am posting this design today is that the film Logan, is released at the same time as I plan to bring to you that long awaited set of SIX sabers. Yes, the First of the Six will be here on the First of March! I promised they were coming and here is proof they exist coming through the portal…

They Will Be Here March 1st!


Now you didn’t think I would post a picture showing them without disguising them just a little? (You wouldn’t need to come back otherwise 😀 ) So I hope you will return for tomorrow’s design showcasing my sabers for Laura’s father, Logan, and the big set of six on the 1st March! Thank you for visiting today and for your continued support of FTSabersite. Till next time.

X-23 (Laura Kinney) is a fictional character appearing in comic books published by Marvel Comics and was created by writer Craig Kyle. Logan, Laura Kinney, X-23 and all related names and material are Trademark/©Copyright of Marvel Entertainment 2017.

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