Scavenger EP8 – Which Way for Rey?

Hello Everybody, today I return to what I hope I’m best at, designing and displaying Lightsabers. I will just thank Abby one final time for my accolade from yesterday’s post. But now I have another return to bring to you all, and it concerns our favourite Scavenger Girl, Rey! Recently Disney and Lucasfilm released some promotional images for the upcoming Star Wars – The Last Jedi and it featured some details about Rey’s image and her Lightsaber. I have been teasing you with pictures about this design using the sign for Infinity. I did this to show the continual struggle between the Light and the Dark side of the Force, and possibly highlighting the turmoil and choices Rey may face in the new film. The Infinity symbol also just happens to be a figure 8 laid on it’s side (Episode 8….get it?  😀 ) These next designs were some ideas I had for what Rey might use in the film, so here is Scavenger EP8…

Long time viewers may remember my previous posts Scavenger’s Twins Lightsabers and Scavenger Lightsaber Staff, well this is what I envisaged Rey may build using the parts from that very staff. This staff has the two hilt like sections of her staff conjoined as a more compact double bladed staff saber. It has the traditional blue blades of the Jedi as beginners or Padawans usually began their calling using a blue saber. However what if the events of The Force Awakens affected Rey more than we are led to believe?…what are her real origins?…are they linked to the Dark side and the Sith? So what would her weapon look like then? Maybe it would look a little like this..Darkside Scavenger EP8…

Well another theory has been floating around suggesting Rey may use the two lightsabers belonging to Luke, the Graflex that Finn and Rey used in TFA and combine it with the saber Luke fought Darth Vader with in Return of the Jedi. That may have looked a little like this..skywalker-combo-staff

But Disney/Lucasfilm’s recently released picture shows Rey wielding the Graflex and she has her hair hanging down, more like how a traditional female Padawan learner would wear it. Here is the picture.GrafexRey.png

So I don’t think my designs are going to be adopted, oh well! But I will keep on designing and trying to come up with new sabers. I do have a few in the pipeline so I would be honoured if you would return to see those. For now thanks again for visiting today and for all of your support. Till next time.

Rey, Finn and all Star Wars related material is Trademark/©Copyright of Disney/Lucasfilm. “Scavenger EP8” is a For Tyeth Edition design and is ©Copyright  of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.

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