Another Nomination – I’ve been invited to join the Sistahood(?)

Hello Everybody, now you can’t accuse me of not being original, but I think this is a first…even for me! I am a little bit busy at the moment with some real life issues that have sprung up and a few designs I have been commissioned to create. As a result I won’t be posting a design today, but I was Nominated for The Sistahood of the World’s Bloggers by Abby at Brunch with the Dolls the other day and I promised to respond. I didn’t think I qualified but was assured it would be ok to accept, sort of, so here is my acceptance post!

Unfortunately being as busy as I am I can’t fulfil all of the process but at least I have acknowledged, so thank you again Abby for remembering me and my site, here are my answers to your questions:

1) What is your dream job?

Maybe a Lightsaber designer professionally. This has been a fascinating hobby but it is just that a hobby at the moment. Mind you I have met a lot of interesting characters.

2) What are your plans for the future?

Difficult to say, clouded the future is! I’ve always wanted to quote Yoda, now I have. I would like to continue designing (and hopefully get better at it) but I have also taken up an old hobby as a form of relaxation (I will tell you more about that in a later answer).

3) If you could start over with your life (mind your age stays the same, everyone you know is gone, new city, new people, you get what I’m saying) How would you start?

I think my survival training would kick in and I would hunt down all the sources of food and supplies! It’s no use starting a new life on an empty stomach. Hmm donuts!

Ok I had to change the next question a bit but I think you’ll like what I’ve done..

4) Favorite GOTY Girl  Guy of the Year? (American Girl Guy Doll)


Yes Logan Everett and he’s a musician like me. Well I say musician, Logan sings but I play Piano and Keyboards (this is the hobby I have taken up again BTW!)

5) Let’s say we were all in a coffee shop every blogger every follower you know what would be our orders? 

Having communicated with a few of you out there, probably everything sweet and sticky (donuts, cookies, pastries) all washed down with weirdly named coffee drinks with dollops of ice cream and sprinkles on! (Translation: Dollops = scoops of….it’s a term we use here in the Outer Rim of the UK!)

6) Thoughts on our president? (Seriously offend everyone if you like. It’s your opinion)

Ok now we are getting serious, politics! I don’t usually talk about that but I did post a few meme’s I created during the Election Campaign. As I am neutral I will show you one of Mrs Clinton and one of Mr Trump.

Ok I have avoided that question, Phew! Now please click below to go to Page 2 where we will continue….

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