Jump Lightsaber -Van Halen inspired saber

Hello Everybody, I have a saber today inspired by a Rock song I have recently taken to playing again on my keyboards. The reason is that I heard it performed on my weekend off by The Classic Rock Show (more on this band later) and that song was a big hit in 1983-1984. The song is Van Halen’s Jump! and as it has one of the most iconic synthesizer solos in history, I wanted to play it and I thought I should design a saber as a tribute to the band. So, may I present my next saber, alright  go on you might as well…..Jump!

This saber is close to what I wanted then I realised that I could replace the leather grip with a hard wearing vinyl covering. And because vinyl can have printing on it, you can get it to look like this:

Eddis Van Halen’s FrankenStrat pattern

And when it is wrapped onto a handle of a lightsaber, it looks like this!


I think that finishing touch just seals the deal, there is no mistaking who this saber is designed for! The lime green blade is also a close match to the Day-Glo green that was popular in Van Halen’s fashions. To finish the saber off, the pommel has been made to replicate the diaphragm of an amplifier speaker. As always with my concept designs the pommel isn’t available as I have shown it but with modifications could be possible. The vinyl sheets may be available to buy!


^^ I think my saber looks a bit like his guitar! ^^

I hope both you and the band liked this little design. I am afraid I’m going to have to bring this post to an end as I need to practice that solo some more and I am designing a few sabers for The Classic Rock Show band members. However, I have to work out the best way to contact them before posting those as they’re in the USA at the moment on tour! I would like to invite you all to return and see how I get on with that, but for now thanks for visiting today. Till next time.

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The FrankenStrat pattern can be found on Eddie Van Halen’s guitar and is Trademark/©Copyright of Eddie Van Halen.