Star of Dallas Lightsaber – For Tyeth Sport Series

Hello Everybody, I have had the pleasure of having visitors to the site from as off as the Dominican Republic and Australia again! Please remember that you can leave comments at the bottom of each post, and I will do my best to reply as soon as possible. Today as promised a week or so back I have a new Sports inspired hilt for a  team from the “Big D”. They play Ice Hockey, similar to the games that the inhabitants of Hoth play actually. But this team originated in Bloomington, Minnesota before merging with another financially struggling team and moved to Dallas. Here they became…THE STARS! This is my homage to them, Star of Dallas…

The Stars were my team on NHL ’95 (I think that was the year), the PC based computer game and the team I got to see most often here in the Outer Rim. So it was only fitting that I produce a design for them, and I think I nailed it. I was very lucky as there was leather grip in the builder that was the exact shade of “Victory Green” that Dallas have recently adopted! Combined with the black, silver and yellow, I have the team colours in an aggressive but stylish package. The silver accents are similar to the trim details on the shoulders of the jerseys and the FTE pommel reminds me of the full face cage visors some players wear.

Ice Hockey with Lightsaber Sticks? I’d watch that!

Sorry I just had to add the picture above, and don’t worry I added the special effects, Ed Balfour and the Hatcher Brothers don’t really use Lightsaber Sticks! (Yes, I am showing my age naming those three players  😀 ) I hope you enjoyed this design as much as I enjoyed building it. I am continually coming up with hilts and still have a few more NHL teams to showcase. So to all of you, I’d like to thank you for visiting and please call back to see the new stuff, your support is appreciated. Till next time.

“Dallas Stars”, the Dallas Stars’ logos, images and all related material are Trademark/©Copyright of The Dallas Stars NHL Team. The “NHL” is Trademark/©Copyright of The National Hockey League.


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