Eagle Saber – Inspired by Space 1999

Hello Everybody and Happy Valentine’s Day to all the Love-birds out and about in the galaxy! I have just finished another saber inspired by the marvel that is space travel. You humans haven’t quite perfected Interstellar transport yet but in time you will invent the necessary technology because…

Technology, is always advancing, fuelled by human’s imagination. One source of inspiration was the Sci-Fi shows of the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s. This brings me to an iconic show (at least in the UK) that took place on a Moonbase sent hurtling out of orbit when nuclear waste explodes in an accident. The occupants of the base have many adventures and face many dangers and even encounter a shape-shifting lady called Maya. I am speaking about Space:1999 and this is my next saber inspired by their spaceships – this is Eagle Saber…

This saber is meant to resemble the famous Eagle Spaceships from Sylvia and Gerry Anderson’s Space:1999. The Anderson’s were renowned for the “Thunderbirds” puppet animation show but later developed a couple of Sci-fi live action shows, “UFO” and Space:1999. Ninety-nine was the most expensive show produced by ITC, the UK television company but I think the money was well spent. Now, the emitter looks similar to the “Beak” or cockpit section of the ship and the wider ridges represent the front landing gear. The switch stands in for the transport pod which is the load bearing module between the four landing legs. These pods were interchangeable depending on the mission at hand. The body section and pommel form the rear landing gear and engine nozzles.

The overall design of the show was fantastic (Sylvia Anderson was responsible for designing the costumes for example) and as such I hope I have done justice to their work. The show entertained me on many Saturday mornings and I even had an Eagle toy (but mine had the Cargo Pod and winch). Happy memories and I hope you have been taken back down memory lane, or have been introduced to something “new” if you’ve never heard of Moonbase and it’s inhabitants.

Due out in March 2017!


I have many more sabers to come, so I would be honoured if you would return to check them out – but for now thank you for visiting today and supporting this site. Till next time.

Space:1999, Eagle One, Eagle Cargo, Maya and all related names and material were created by Sylvia and Gerry Anderson (produced by ITC Television) and are now Trademark/©Copyright of ITV television UK.


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