Heatwave Lightsaber – A Saber for Scotty 2 Hotty!

Hello Everybody, for fans of music we are going to change genre today and meet a person who epitomised the Hip-Hop culture of the nineties! “Hold on Tyeth, isn’t this supposed to be a site about Lightsabers, not music?” Yes you are correct but my next saber was designed to honour a wrestler who brought Hip-Hop to the masses. This wrestler is Scotty 2 Hotty! Scott Ronald “Scotty” Garland used to be a Fire Fighter before turning to grappling but soon made a name for himself. Once established he formed a Tag Team with Grand Master Sexay (real name Brian Christopher) to become “Too Cool”! Well how cool would it be to have your own Lightsaber? Very cool, so here is my design Heatwave……(bangin’ it bangin’ it bangin’ it)

If you wondered what Bangin’ It Bangin’ It etc refers to, it was the lyrics from Scotty’s entrance theme music! And I think this saber would make an entrance too, it is certainly bright enough. The emitter I just had to use, as it looked exactly like Scotty’s hairstyle poking through his hat reinforced by the yellow blade to match his bleach blonde locks. The silver accents and switch mirror his Hip-Hop bling, though I did stop short of stealing car badges to make jewellery out of like some music artists did. In the Vertical Up position the saber looks just like Scotty, stood in the middle of the ring about to break some moves (he was quite a dancer) before delivering “The Worm”, his finishing move 😀 yes he called it The Worm!


Well the final bell is about to sound and bring an end to this post. I hope you liked this homage to the innovator of The Worm. From Electronica to Hip-Hop all the way through to Vampires (and nearly everything else in between) I have found inspiration and there are still more designs to come. So I would like to thank you for visiting and invite you to return and check out all the new stuff on the way. Till next time.

“Scotty 2 Hotty”, “The Worm”, “Grand Master Sexay” and all related wrestling names and content are Trademark/©Copyright of WWE World Wrestling Entertainment/Titan Sports. 

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