D.P. Pair CLAWED 2 – The Second Saber

Hello Everybody, I’ll say straight away if there are any typing errors I apologise but my fingers are a bit sore from having an epic practice session on my electronic keyboard. My hands now look like bunches of bananas but the effort was worth it…I learnt three classic rock guitar(?) pieces! I am feeling so much better I will now present the lightside version of D.P. Pair CLAWED…

I am amazed at how much difference changing the blade colour and type of finish on the parts can make to a design. This design now looks like a weapon a Jedi might use if he/she were disillusioned with the beliefs and traditions of the Jedi Code. These type of individuals are usually referred to as Grey Jedi. This saber was designed however for one half of Daft Punk yet translates to both ideas. And regarding ideas I have a few more sabers coming up soon, including a Father and Son edition, a saber for a person with no family and the six Multi-Coloured movie hilts…oh Zord that’s a lot of designs!


I am nearing the end of this post, yet again time is against me and now I have to find time to practice my music. But before I go I’d like to thank all the visitors to my site, including folks from South Korea, Canada and even a mysterious person from Australia who uses the Gravatar logo as their profile picture. I wonder if this is my “friend” from the forum I frequent now and then? Hmm! Well, you are all welcome and if you enjoyed what you have seen here please tell your friends about FTSabersite. Till next time.

DAFT PUNK and all related images, titles, names and logos are Trademark/©Copyright  of DAFT TRAX SARL 2016.

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