D.P. Pair CLAWED -The Return

Hello Everybody, these past few months have been tough with all the sad news we have received of people we have lost. To be honest I have been wondering all the questions of “why we are here?”, “what am I doing?” etc, and I realised I needed to do something to cheer myself up. I decided to return to an old hobby of mine….MUSIC! Some of you may know I am Piano/Keyboard player, well I had to pack all my equipment into storage 3 years ago. All except for a keyboard with no sounds in! But today I discovered a major instrument manufacturer was giving away free computer software that emulated some very expensive keyboards. I installed this software and connected my keyboard…and SUCCESS! I had a fully playable instrument again. And one of the first tracks I tried to play was “Around the World” by Daft Punk. So I thought if I updated my equipment, I could update my Daft Punk sabers! And here is the first D.P Pair CLAWED…

The saber now has a clawed emitter to make it look more aggressive and advanced. As I mentioned in my previous D.P. Pair Lightsabers post Daft Punk pushed the limits of technology and music and now I can maybe attempt the same with my new equipment! I will bring to you all the silver version of this pair of sabers tomorrow and hope you will join me to see it. I also have the much teased set of six sabers for an upcoming Blockbuster movie (I’m not being horrible making you all wait I just thought I should reveal them nearer the film’s release date! 😀 ). So for now I would like to thank you all for visiting today and all the continued support of the site. Till next time.

Have you guessed who they are yet?


DAFT PUNK and all related images, titles, names and logos are Trademark/©Copyright  of DAFT TRAX SARL 2016.

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