Aquarius Lightsaber – Borommakot’s Zodiac Series

Hello Everybody, and today I mean everybody as I have checked my stats page as I do occasionally  and have discovered new viewers from Brazil, Taiwan and even as far as Hong Kong, welcome to you all! I have the pleasure of welcoming a friend of the site back, Borommakot. Today I bring to you his Zodiac Series saber representing Aquarius, the water carrier…here is Borommakot’s Aquarius…

I think Borommakot has done a fine job capturing the essence of the star sign. The ocean blue blade flowing from the lip of the emitter, looks just like the spout of an old ancient water pitcher. The switch and body of the saber has a flowing line like ripples on the surface of water, giving the saber multiple places to grip it making the design practical as well as pretty! I will say I had to take artistic license with the pommel however as the single picture Borommakot provided me with didn’t show the end cap, so I hope you don’t mind Boro I gave it one of my own!

Looks like another new design coming up!


I’d like to thank Borommakot for allowing me to showcase his design. I would also like to remind folks of Boro’s YouTube channel, where he is known as daftPirate! He has many videos on video gaming and some Lightsaber Unboxing and Reviews too. You can check out his channel using this link daftPirate’s YouTube Channel.

Now I am going to have to bring this post to an end, time is pressing and I have many more posts to prepare (and emails to send) but before I go I want to thank you, all of my viewers and followers. I appreciate all of your support and please if you like what you have seen here then tell your friends. Till next time.

Borommakot’s Aquarius is ©Copyright of Borommakot and is used here with permission. FTSabersite and all material within is ©Copyright of For Tyeth/FTSabersite 2017.


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